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Surveying Services We Offer

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Boundary Surveys

These physically establish exactly where your property boundaries are on the ground. The corners of the property will be marked with survey markers, and the boundary lines will be visibly identified. Whether you are subdividing a property, joining parcels together, or simply want to know exactly where your property boundaries are, having a boundary survey completed can solve many problems. Upon completion of the boundary survey, MacLean Surveying produces a high quality survey plan which you can then take to the Land Registration office to permanently publish the document.

Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey's are used for the planning and development of a property. The topographic information collected will accurately present all high and low areas of the property, any water or wet areas on or near the property, existing road or access ways through the property. The topographic survey allows for the proper planning of road building, ditching, construction, and ground water flow.

Construction and Layout Surveys

Construction sites often require land surveying services to layout new roads, buildings and infrastructure. Land surveyors provide elevation and grade work for equipment operators to visualize what the design of the construction site is supposed to look like. Providing the surveying work for underground sewer, water, and electrical services, land surveyors can layout proper ditching and drainage techniques.

Location Certificates

Location Certificates are required by municipalities for new building construction, to confirm that the new building(s) meet their bylaw standards. Location Certificates may also be required by mortgaging companies to accurately analyze the current state of the property. While a Location Certificate will not permanently establish boundaries, it will represent an up to date status of the property and highlight any possible encroachments, easements or right of ways tied to the property

Subdivision Survey

A Subdivision Survey is generally used when the property owner wants to divide a piece of their land into lots. This can also occur when the land owner wants to alter the boundary lines between their neighbor. We will go in and place all survey markets in all corners that are required. After that we will also cut out the boundary lines through the wooded areas that need to be cut out. You get a legal subdivision plan showing the dimensions area, and the extents of the property which gets sent to the municipality for approval and recorded in the Provincial Land Registry System

Easements and Right of Ways

Sometimes used interchangeably, easements and right of ways grant a right or use or passage to someone other than the owner of the property. Many right of ways come in the form of shared driveways or walking trails, while easements are more so required for utility lines and water/sewer lines. These areas are non construction areas, so it is very important to know exactly where the limits of the easement are.

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